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Yalonda Adams

Through life experiences, I have learned to open my mind to other possibilities.  There is NO right or wrong answers or solutions, only the proper path/direction you choose for yourself.  I am a certified Integrative Life Coach, trained ICF Coach, trained Engagement Coach, Facilitative Mediator, and also hold an Associates Degree in Human Services.  This line of coaching focuses on the MEPS  (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual) style which brings you in balance with all things YOU.  Let's get started on the "Authentic You by Design."  


Certified Integrative Life Coach

My passion is helping clients achieve their respective life goals, overarching evolution to an authentic lifestyle, and .  Allow yourself to become a better you with the support of effective tools and my desire through coaching to expose your authentic you. 



Engagement Coach Training 



Certified Intergrative Life Coach


Associates Degree in Human Services

Restorative Community Mediation - HCC


Certified Inclusive Mediator 

Parenting Plan Mediator - Community Mediation MD

Re-Entry Mediator 


M.S. Management Information Systems w/Concentration in Information Resource Management



B.S. Computer Information Systems w/Minor in Business and Psychology

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